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invisible words

Author pftpft
Full name John K.
Date 2005-08-31 15:47:51 PDT
Message Every once in a while I notice there are words that are
invisible in the editor. I think I have only seen it on
comment lines. You can hit Cntr-Left and Right and it
treats it as though the words are there, and you can copy
and paste the words to other programs - but they simply
don't show up. I have whittled down the file and attached
it (invisible.phtml). Bringing it up in notepad gives the

    $aff = mysql_affected_rows();
    //echo "Successfully $aff details.<br>";

In tswebeditor, everything after Successfully is invisible.
The blank area used to have the word "updated" I think.

I'm using and XP SP2.

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