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Re: invisible words

Author pftpft
Full name John K.
Date 2005-09-09 09:12:55 PDT
Message It has happened again today. This time on a non-comment
line. The null characters occur in the exact same positions!
25-32. Different line though (258 this time vs. line 36
before). I am now using (I was able to restore
the missing letters from a backup.)

>Hi !
>>In tswebeditor, everything after Successfully is
>i took a look at the invisible.phtml file with a hex
>after the word "Successfully" comes some null control
>characters. the editor doesn't really like these. you can
>disable the syntax highlighting to see the invisible
>characters. replace the null characters with spaces.
>>I'm using and XP SP2.
>tip: update to the beta version.

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