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invisible words II

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2005-09-22 06:17:19 PDT
Message Hi Thaler,

I'm reporting the same problem that John K. found.

Occasionally, about 8 characters (might be 12) vanish out
from a script, most of the times at the end of a line. It
vanishes out but the space where those characters were can
be selected through a double-click (what could be ther?
Some other non printable character, perhaps). I did not
submitted this problem yet because I could not establish a
pattern. But the problem do exists.

I think this bug first appeared with version 2.2.6 or
2.2.7, I���m not sure.

I guess the problem occurs when you do a lot of find
operations. Again, not sure.

I said it is occasional but it happens 2 or 3 times a
month, so it should not be ignored. The nice part is that,
as the code get spoiled a parse error is soon brought up by

I know I���m offering very few for a bug detection so don���t
hesitate in calling me back for if you heed help.

Silvio R. S��
silviosa at sswin dot com dot br

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