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Re: invisible words II

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2005-09-23 01:23:14 PDT
Message >i must be able to reproduce the bug.
>the funny thing is, i work a lot with the editor, but got
>never this "features".

That is why I have not written you yet. I can't reproduce
the bug. It just occurs from time to time. I'll try to
find out the next time which characters are save instead
of the intended text.

I just ask you to keep in mind that there is something
very tricky hidden somewhere in the source code.

>standard questions:
>- do you save files on a network server or over the ftp
>function in tswebeditor or simple on the hard disk ?

I usually save the files first in my local hard disk. The
bug never happened when opening and saving the file under
internal ftp feature. I also never saw this kind of thing
happening whit any other application that I use.

>- do you use any software which controls the data streams
>(e.g. firewall) ?

I use 2 different computers: a Window XP with standard XP
firewall enable and a Windows 2000 running Kerio Firewall.
I don't think that any of this scenarios would affect
saving data on local hard drive.

>ps: if you want a more user friendly forum go to
>http://groups.google​.com/group/tswebedit​or .

I'm moving to Google.

Thanks, Silvio

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