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Author thaj
Full name Thaler
Date 2006-05-15 02:17:07 PDT
Message Hi,

you can find OpenSSL binarys at
or http://www.openssl.o​rg/related/binaries.​html

>Hi, I'm no coder, so for me and perhaps other non-coders
>connetcting to FTP over SSL is quite misteerious. You need
>OpenSSL libraries, is written. So I found something called
>OpenSSL, which is a bunch of programs.. How do I make
>tsWebEditor find what it needs?
Put the files (ssleay32.dll, libssl32.dll, libeay32.dll) in
your windows directory or into the same where
tswebeditor.exe is. If tsWebEditor founds the files, the
message will be hidden.

>And second, if it actually is some open source dll's or
>so, why can't it be bundled?
Well, the files are big and this would make tsWebEditor's
package bigger and not everyone needs it.
Most times the files are already on your pc, so you would
have the same files twice on your pc.


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