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xdebug with VPN

Author davhue
Full name Dave Huelsman
Date 2007-02-06 11:07:27 PST
Message I have tsWebEditor installed a windows XP machine with a
VPN connection and samba (across the internet) into a linux
machine wher all the PHP files are located. PHP is running
on the linux machine with xdebug installed.

Is it possible for tsWebEditor to use xdebug in this
configuration? It seems like I have gotten close to
getting it to work as I have fumbled about with various
settings but it is clear that I am missing a basic
understanding of how tsWebEditor and xdebug work together.

I have the php.ini settings of:

When I direct my browser (IE7) with
where dbgtest.php is the debug test file shown in the
documentation, the browser seems to just bypass the
xdebug_break() and print the value.

I have tried also to invoke a debugging session from
tsWebEditor using the remote debugging parameters dialog
and entering:​/xdev/dbgtest.php
for the run remote URL and tswebeditor as the session.

This has given me various error messages including "can not
open file", "session timeout", "cannot redirect output for
pipe stderr", "exception from debugger, cannot get
property" along with an Xdebug Output panel with what
appears to be some output, and tooltip data for the
variable $i.

Note I have also placed data into the remote file mapping
dialog of the debug tab of the editor settings but I'm not
sure it made any difference and it was gone when I went
back to the dialog later.

Like I said, I'm clearly missing one or more basic concepts
that I haven't gained from reading the docs and the forums.

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