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Re: xdebug with VPN

Author thaj
Full name Thaler
Date 2007-02-07 01:37:38 PST
Message does your windows xp firewall blocks the port 9000 ?

that config has to be the ip from the pc where tsWebEditor
is running and must be accessible from the linux pc.

>When I direct my browser (IE7) with
>where dbgtest.php is the debug test file shown in the
>documentation, the browser seems to just bypass the
>xdebug_break() and print the value.
open the dbgtest.php file with tsWebEditor and open the url
with your browser.
if it works, the window title will change and the stop
button will be enabled and the stack window will be filled.

>Note I have also placed data into the remote file mapping
>dialog of the debug tab of the editor settings but I'm not
>sure it made any difference and it was gone when I went
>back to the dialog later.
i think here you will need the right settings because xdebug
will send a filename something like
/var/www/web01/dbgtext.php and you access the same file via
samba Z:\web01\dbgtext.php. if you get the message "can not
open file", you should change the remote file mapping.


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