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Re: xdebug with VPN

Author davhue
Full name Dave Huelsman
Date 2007-02-13 19:09:01 PST
Message Thank you for responding. I followed you suggestion and
disabled the firewall on the VPN connection rather than
entering port exceptions. I now get very consistant
operation. Specifically:

The debugger engages, the window title changes and the
stack window fills. Moreover, the watches set in the
editor display properly and hovering over the variable gets
the correct value in the tooltip. However, breakpoints set
in the editor are not seen by the debugger.

But, every movement in execution (run, step over, etc.)
generates an alertbox "cannot open
file /var/www/html/xdev/dbgtest.php" . Clicking OK to the
alert box returns the editor/debugger to proper and correct
execution (editor breakpoints excepted).

Further, no combination of entries in the Remote File
Mapping window changes this operation in the slightest.

The debugger is running on the server at
The editor is running at and my ISP confirms
that she gets a response on port 9000 on that address. The
server filepath is /var/www/html/xdev/dbgtest.php. The
local filesystem sees the file at Z:\html\xdev\dbgtest.php.

So, the Remote Mapping entry I thought this would
correspond to was:
File System

I admit to being surprised that the Storage System entry
requires a filename. I would have thought that the entries
would have both been paths. Like:
File System

Perhaps with just a bit more advice I can have the debugger
running perfectly!

Thank you for your help and your excellent editor.


>does your windows xp firewall blocks the port 9000 ?
>that config has to be the ip from the pc where tsWebEditor
>is running and must be accessible from the linux pc.
>>When I direct my browser (IE7) with
>>where dbgtest.php is the debug test file shown in the
>>documentation, the browser seems to just bypass the
>>xdebug_break() and print the value.
>open the dbgtest.php file with tsWebEditor and open the
>with your browser.
>if it works, the window title will change and the stop
>button will be enabled and the stack window will be filled.
>>Note I have also placed data into the remote file mapping
>>dialog of the debug tab of the editor settings but I'm
>>sure it made any difference and it was gone when I went
>>back to the dialog later.
>i think here you will need the right settings because
>will send a filename something like
>/var/www/web01/dbgtext.php and you access the same file
>samba Z:\web01\dbgtext.php. if you get the message "can
>open file", you should change the remote file mapping.

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