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Re: xdebug with VPN

Author davhue
Full name Dave Huelsman
Date 2007-02-14 12:16:40 PST
Message That did it, thanks much. Everything works except for
breakpoints set through the editor. I browsed a post on
the Google Group and I understand that that feature isn't
hooked up on remote debugging due to Xdebug not sending all
the necessary information. If I'm wrong on that and local
breakpoints should be working then let me know that I'm in
error. Anyhow, xdebug_break() is a worthy workaround
considering all the fantastic functinoality that the editor

Thanks again...

>Well, i think the program did not convert the filename
>Please download the new patch.
>Your Remote Mapping should be alright:
>>File System
>>I admit to being surprised that the Storage System entry
>>requires a filename. I would have thought that the
>>would have both been paths. Like:
>The filename will be removed.
>You can remove the session name "tswebeditor" from the
>Remote Mapping or else you must start the debug session
>that entry (in your case "tswebeditor")

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