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Re: Support for classes

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2005-01-11 02:42:16 PST
Message I think this may work fine and I'd like do add some other
features to your idea:

tsWebEditor could accept a comment block with an internal
tsWebEditor specific syntax for editing parameters
definition including the path for included files. For

/* tsWebEditor definitions
$b is ClassB;
$c is ClassC;
ClassB path '../../module1/class​es/myclass.class.inc​;
ClassC path '../../module2/class​es/otherclass.class.​inc;

The reason why I suggest this is that I usually have may
classes in separate files, one for each class, and I
include (or require) then where I need. I try to use "class
myclass extends mybaseclasse" whenever I can. I store my
class files under a logic project struture so my include
statement for the class may look like:


That's the way I found comfortable to have all my file
references relative to my application root path and so the
internet provider can implement the application wherever he
this is fine just moving the application root folder.

I said that the comment block may work fine but you could
also think about some more "exciting" style through XML
configuration files which could be saved in the same folder
of the php script file and either develop a tsWebEditor
interface to create and edit these configurations ... Ok! I
can way for tsWebEditor 3.0 ...


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