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Feature Request: Ability to Run Other Scripting Languages

Author goober99
Full name Matthew Miller
Date 2005-04-17 16:52:26 PDT
Message Currently tsWebEditor has the ability to run a PHP script
(Tools>Run Script...), but tsWebEditor is great for editing
so many more scripting languages. I use tsWebEditor to
create my Perl and Python scripts also. It would speed up
development if tsWebEditor could run Perl and Python as well
as other script languages also. The paths to the
interpreters could be set-up by the user in the settings.

Since tsWebEditor is such a great tool for developing with
scripting languages, it could allow scripting languages to
make it even more powerful. Instead of predefining places to
set up Perl and Python and the myriad of other scripting
languages, you could add a feature to the settings that
would allow user defined menu items.

For example, you could add a top-level menu item to the menu
bar called Scripts. When you first install tsWebEditor, it
would be empty or maybe contain a few example scripts. The
user would be able to define new items for this menu from
within the settings.

To create a new item, he would select a name that would
appear in the menu. Then he would specify the path to the
script interpreter (e.g. C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe). When the
user clicks on the item in the menu they just created
tsWebEditor would call the program in the path for that menu
item and send the path to the script currently being edited
as a command line option. (e.g. "C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe

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