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Re: SQL Designer

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2004-12-23 00:13:18 PST
Message Thank you. Now I have Database menu! But I'm sad to say I
can't use this funtionality yet.

You used try..catch structure in db.php and I'm still
sticked to an old php4 version for my main customer needs.
Bad for me!

I'll try to move do php5.

Re: SQL Designer

Author thaj
Full name Thaler
Date 2004-12-22 05:51:12 PST
Message simple add the commands to your interface or reset the
interface to the defaults.

to do this open the customize dialog (menu view/customize)

SQL Designer

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2004-12-22 03:40:48 PST
Message I had no success in using the SQL Designer.

I did not find a Database Menu. I cannot set database
properties. If I try SQL Designer Settings I get an error
dialog box saying that there is "No settings available".

I can define tables and other objects and save them in a
xml file. That´s all. I cannot import or export definitions.

Is there any config file I should down load or fix?
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