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Re: tsWebEditor Improvements

Author asbo
Full name Chris Beuschel
Date 2006-12-23 09:12:34 PST
Message Couple more issues just presented themselves:

* In a new document, the tabsize setting works as expected;
in the middle of an existing document, however, the cursor
jumps around rather erratically. I don't know if this
intentional (I think it jumped 1, 3, then 8 spaces), but
could there be an option to ALWAYS observe the tabwidth?

* With the Trim Lines setting on, pressing Backspace
anywhere on a blank line returns you to beginning of the
line. I understand exactly why this happens, but could it ..
not? I'd expect this behavior from something like

tsWebEditor Improvements

Author asbo
Full name Chris Beuschel
Date 2006-12-23 09:01:49 PST
Message Hi there,

  I stumbled across this application a week or two ago, and
am absolutely thrilled with it -- I've been searching for a
new text editor/coding application for a while now, and I
think I've found it :)

  However, I would like to make some suggestions for
tsWebEditor (I think there are a couple more besides, but
these are what I can recall off the top of my head):

* There is a problem involving [at least] the path to the
web browser, set via View > Settings > General [tab] > Path
[frame] > Browser [text box]; the implementation of this
path in all (?) of the menu items in Help bombs out if there
is a space in the path itself, tsWebEditor mis-parses it.
For example, if the path entered into the field is
`C:\Program Files\FireFox\firefox.exe`, you receive the
error dialog:

Can not open link: [whatever]

Debug Info:
Filename: C:\Program
Parameters: Files\FireFox\firefox.exe
Last OS Error: The system cannot find the file specified.

I understand exactly why ts does this -- to allow
flexibility in terms of the addition of command line
parameters, which is very cool. But some sort of adjustment
needs to be made; the path that I set was returned from the
"Browse" command button, which didn't apply any special
formatting (double quotes around the path, for example).
Obviously not a huge issue, but something nonetheless.

* If the program has lost focus and one of the open files
has changed, then focus is returned by clicking any button
in a toolbar, then the `A file has changed` dialog appears.
Regardless of your selection, the item in the tool bar that
you clicked to return focus will be given the 'clicked'
visual appearance, but the active document doesn't actually

+ Option to remove the 'Symbol' menu item in the taskbar menu.

+ Option to have middle-click close the currently open file.

+ Option to have CTRL+Tab simply toggle through open files,
without the current file listing that appears.

+ Option for a less obtrusive `file has changed` system --
perhaps an icon in the Windows bar indicating the file has
changed and a decision needs to be made regarding it;
selecting that file will subsequently prompt for that decision.

* Change the hotkey for the File menu to the standard `F`
rather than `i`.

+ A way to force the refresh of the folder list in the
Folders sidebar.

  Please don't take these criticism -- tsWebEditor is one of
the best editors I've used to date; these are just things
that stuck out to me.

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