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Re: Dutch translation

Author thaj
Full name Thaler
Date 2007-01-07 10:34:09 PST
Message hi,

just take the english.lng from the lastest developer release.


Dutch translation

Author castello
Full name Koen DC
Date 2007-01-07 04:29:37 PST
Message I alraedy started a translation but a stopped halfway. Now I
want to do the whole. I absoluty like this program so much.
I always discover new parts of it and it amazes me. So a
dutch translation would maybe attract some more dutch users.

My question: wich file (version) do I start with? Do I start
with the english language file in the latest release? or is
there a develloper file?

Thank you and hoping to contributing my part,

Koen De Clercq,
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