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tsWebEditor beta

Author tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Full name tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Date 2004-07-08 08:16:26 PDT
Message tsWebEditor beta is out !


    * New Parser (Support PHP 5 Syntax)
    * Simple PHP Syntax Check
    * New docking interface
    * Code completion and parameter info now works also with ftp files
    * New PHP functions & help (also for MySQL and PGSql)

ToDo until stabil release:

    * Highlight matching brackets
    * Quick search in code browser
    * Code completion for javascript
    * Better code completion for php

Also the help files updated.
The new help files are included in the current beta version, but if you don't want to update, you need to download it.

Read more at:

Visit <www.tswebeditor.tk> to download the beta.

Direct link to beta:

List of all betas:


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tsWebEditor beta tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk> tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk> 2004-07-08 08:16:26 PDT
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