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tsWebEditor 20050903 []

Author tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Full name tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Date 2005-09-03 08:47:02 PDT
Message A new version of tsWebEditor is published.

    * Fixed Search Function (now search also for user defined variable types [/*% type */ variable e.g: /*% myclass */ $variable])
    * #3 Debugger: Can start now debugging from tsWebEditor
    * #3 Debugger: Better visibility if tsWebEditor is in debug mode.
    * #3 Debugger: Debug remote files (ftp, file server)
    * Fixed Bugs
    * Updated Documentation

ToDo until stable release:

    * Code completion for javascript
    * Improve Debugger
    * Better code completion for PHP (parameter info for/in classes)
    * Maybe SQL Designer: support for triggers, procedures

* New Discussion Group *
Send your question to <tswebeditor@goog​legroups.com> or visit the web site at

Download Development Release:

Documentation Online:

Download Documentation:

List of all betas:


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tsWebEditor 20050903 [] tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk> tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk> 2005-09-03 08:47:02 PDT
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