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tsWebEditor 2.2.7 [20050328]

Author tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Full name tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Date 2005-03-28 03:41:40 PST
Message Today thaj published tsWebEditor version 20050328 (


    * FTP Dialog: Click at status bar shows ftp log
    * Code Completion support for classes (parameter info not yet)

      To use this features you must set a type for the variable.
      /*% type */ variable e.g: /*% myclass */ $variable

      php example:
      class myclass {
        function myprint() {
          print 'myprint';

      /*% myclass */ $test = new myclass();
      # After press > the auto completion for the class myclass is displayed.

ToDo until stable release:

    * Code completion for javascript
    * Better code completion for PHP (parameter info for/in classes)
    * Maybe SQL Designer: support for triggers, procedures

Visit <www.tswebeditor.tk> to download the development release.

Development Release:

List of all betas:


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