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tsWebEditor 20051024

Author tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Full name tsWebEditor Support <support at tswebeditor dot tk>
Date 2005-10-24 05:17:46 PDT
Message A new release for everyone. I advise everyone to update.


    * Code Browser: Display code for include file items
    * Code Completion for CSS, ASP and JavaScript (yet without function hints)
    * FTP Storage: Support for SSL connections
    * Added #6 (replace + regular expressions for find in files)
    * Speed up code completion list
    * Fix #15 (="" bug)
    * Debugger: User-friendly stuff
    * Fixed bugs

ToDo until stable release:

    * Better code completion for PHP (parameter info for/in classes), JavaScript, ASP, fix bugs
    * SQL Designer: Maybe diagrams

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