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tsWebEditor 4 GNU/Linux?

Author meillo
Full name Meillo r e t u r n s
Date 2005-09-13 14:02:01 PDT
Message Hi

tsWebEditor was my "one-and-only favorite-PHP-Editor" in
Windows-times (much thx to the programmers at that point!!)
but now i switched completely to GNU/Linux

... and there is no editor like tsWebEditor :-(

(dont talk about emacs or vi - they're oki, but not what i'm
lookin for)

- so after some time i found _Bluefish_: looks pretty much
like the ts, but its not the same in writing code
(especially braces), and no php-function-short-ref-
- then found _gPHPEdit_: hmm, has function-short-ref, etc
but really has problems with spaceing and intends.
- my newest discovery is _SciTE_: looks like its somehow in
the middle of the above two (what i am searching), but no
function-short-ref, strange configuration and not designed
for PHP ...

you see, its really hard for me to find an editor which
covers my expectations (like ts did)

Unfortunately i havent heard about a GNU-version of
tsWebEditor - so, is it planned?
Please if it is possible for you, do one - im really dieing
without having coded useing a editor that i can call my fav
on my fav OS!!

however your answer will be
THANKS for the best PHP-Editor on win32 - ever!

Meillo r e t u r n s

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