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Re: invisible words II - happened again

Author silviosa
Full name Silvio R. Sa
Date 2005-09-23 05:30:27 PDT
Message >so, if you know how to reproduce the bug, please write to
>how. i will try several thing and hope ...

Hi Thaler,

It just happened again ! I'm attaching a zip file with 2
copies of the same file, before and after the problem.

You can check out line 51 in both files. The file named
contratos.class.befo​re_error.inc contains:


The file named contratos.class.have_error.inc contains:


but, if you double-click "parent_clas", it will be
highlighted the words parent_clas plus 10 additional spaces
or unprintable characters. If you try to copy and paste the
selected area, only parent_class will be pasted.

And how this error came up. I did the following sequence:

1. I decided to show my error message from line 59 at the
browser's top window and so my maintenance was to add
target="_top" at the end of <a> tag at that line 59.
2. I had to do this in 40 different files, so I changed on
file (no this one). then a copied the line from the changed
file and closed the file.
3. I hid Ctrl+F and selected Find in Files. I typed "fa��a
seu" in the Text to Find box and selected my app main
folder and hit Search.
4. I turned Auto Hide to off position in then Search
Results Window.
5. I start to double-click each occurence, select the whole
line and then paste what was copied in path 2 above. After
that I hit Save button an then Close button at the toolbar.

At the end, only this file had the problem. Important to
notice that I did not selected, changed or even scrolled
through the line 51.

What are the differences between this file and the others?
It is big, but not the only one so big. It is not the first
neither the last. I made 2 paste operation in this file at
lines 59 and 114. I had the same problem with this, file,
in a different line, 2 days ago.

If you allow me to suggest, the problem occurs in your text
area display managent routine when the user does several
find operations or several paste operations.

I tried to intencionally cause the bug. It did not appeard.

Well, I don't think I'm giving everything you need to debug
this situation but I home this may serve to give you some
inspiration ...

Again, congratulation for you tswebeditor. It is a great
product. I use it as my only development environment for
web applications.

This message is not a complaint. I'm just trying to help to
make tswebeditor better.


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