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New highghter for PHP,(X)HTML, CSS, JS (multi)

Author flatdev
Full name Krystian Bigaj
Date 2006-06-04 04:32:26 PDT
Message TSynWeb it's highlighters for SynEdit. tsWebEditor using
SynEdit and I think that it could be easly implemented.

With this highlighter you could fix bugs like that and many
more highlighter related:

TSynWeb features:
- support for embedded:
  - PHP, CSS, JS in HTML
  - PHP in CSS, JS
- support for UniSynEdit
- full validation for tags (also checks for valid '/>' or
'/') and its attributes for HTML across difference versions
(for XHTML - case sensitive)
- values in tags without quotation are also highlighted as
ValueAttrib (only in HTML, in XHTML is highlighted as error
because, XHTML doesn't allow for unquoted values)
- in CSS validation for tags (you can set also HTML version)
- validation for Ampersand tags (eg. &, ©)
- almost FULL validation for CSS across CSS1 and CSS2.1
- support for <script language="php"> as start tag for PHP
(also <?, <?php, <?=, <%)
- end tags for PHP doesn't stop in strings, comments (stops
only in singleline), etc, you can now write "<?xml ... ?>"
and PHP mode doesn't stop,
- suppor for custom HEREDOC names (defined in TStringList,
or any you type - comparing based on CRC8)
- supprt for encapusled vars or escaped chars in strings
(different highlighter attrib) with error checking
- any word (but not keyword or function name) writed in
UpperCase highlighted as ConstantAttrib
- ActiveHighlighterSwitch - see demo (check 'Active HL' in
demo app)
- parsed source code of php to get function names (for php4
and php5+PECL)
- any many more.

See here: http://flatdev.dotge​ek.org/downloads.php​?project=2

PS. With SynTokenMatch and TSynWeb you could get a perfect
brace matching. (Demo for TSynWeb1.1.55 doesn't have yet
updated new SynTokenMatch brace matching).

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New highghter for PHP,(X)HTML, CSS, JS (multi) flatdev Krystian Bigaj 2006-06-04 04:32:26 PDT
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