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How to make a translation into another language of tsWebEditor ?

This is very easy, go to CVS and checkout the english version of the translation. Replace the english language filename into your language name (in english, <name>.lng, example: french.lng).

Then open the file in a text editor (i alway use tsWebEditor).

The syntax is like an ini file. Words between [ and ] are sections. After the section following the keys with there values.

The section info gives information about the language and translator and for which tsWebEditor version this translation was made.

In the section Buttons are translation for captions of the buttons in the messages dialogs and in the section Captions are the window title of the dialogs.

Section Messages contains the messages of the dialogs.

After this section following the windows of tsWebEditor with there translation.

Property <name>.Hint is the text for the Tooltip which is display when the mouse is longer over the object.
Contains the text a | then the text before the | will display as Tooltip and the text after will display in the status bar.

In the Property is not <name>.Hint and the text contains a |, | will be a new line.

A & will be an underline of the next letter in a button or in a menu item, example &OK = OK. So can the user press ALT+O which is the same as he will click on the button.

%s will replace with word. Example: File %s changed by another editor.||Reload ? will display as

File C:\test.txt changed by another editor

Reload ?


If you are ready with the translation and you have no CVS access, send the file to thaj@tigirs.org or if you have any questions or something else send also an email to thaj@tigirs.org.



Translation Manager

You can also make a translation with the Translation Manager.